Sustainability expressed with technical and measurable solutions is our mission

Clean Tech Challenge

CleanTech Challenge CleanTech Challenge is platform where individuals express their ideas, build teams and bring to the forefront innovative products and services that promote urban development, sustainable innovation, well being and economic growth. With over 50% of the worlds population now living in cities reducing the pollution of cities and its citizens will be a leverage point when dealing with climate change issues. CleanTech Challenge for Sustainable cities aims to attract realistic student and academic solutions through a 2-stage competition. Throughout the competition, participants will receive guidance, feedback and mentorship from industry professionals & innovation and business experts. The finalist teams will have the opportunity to work on their ideas together with our partners BUT ALSO compete in live “Boot Camp” finals in London together with the winners of other CleanTech competitions in Europé. There, they will have the opportunity to market and export their ideas internationally.

Sustainability Hackathon

Sustainability Hackathon Green Hackathon is a series of events to get together to create and implement new ideas for a more sustainable future. We believe in a hacker approach to sustainability: getting excited and building things, using and producing open data and code, being creative, using computer technology and ideas to change the world and make a better future


The WeGoGreen is a guide for all the environmental conscious businesses and organisations in Sweden. Our vision is to provide a sustainable regional and national platform where organizations manage their economic, environmental, social and governance performance and impacts responsibly, and act transparently. The mission of the WeGoGreen project is to provide assistance in sustainable practice by providing guidance and support to organizations. The WeGoGreen project actively contributes to the 3E notion on the Environmental, Economical and Efficient sustainable objectives.

Clean Tech Testbed

"Under the Håll Ut set up, a first testbed platform for conducting rigorous, transparent, and replicable testing computational products and new technologies was developed. By the Håll Ut testbed, new experimental concepts on certain environments are tested. From a pool of potential environmental friendly solutions there is a selection of a dropdown list where each solution is scanned and tested. Based on the solution selected, a specific sustainability (e.g environmental or energy goal) in a municipal level is selected accordingly. In order to have measurable results to each tested solution, specific case data are provided as input.

Harris Operations manager, CleanTech & innovation


Ben Project manager


Lovisa Clean Tech research & communication


Jude Project coordinator, Student relations


Håll Ut in Short

Håll Ut , is an independent team of young professionals and academics coming from the University of Uppsala. Håll Ut acts an umbrella organisation providing a plattform through which its members and partners work on various projects of United Nations sustainability agenda. The key driver for the organization is to make our society better more sustainable and innovative where new technical concepts and ideas within sustainable development are generated. Our moto is ’We create sustainable communities’

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Project management
Renewable energy, CleanTech & IT
Sustainability education
Technical Innovation management
Product & business development
Research & advisory

Innovative sustainability solutions is what wakes us up in the morning

Håll Ut & Hållbarhets Utvecklarna

Håll Ut is an independent organization with the aim to contribute to a more sustainable society. Håll Ut are the initials for Hållbar Utveckling (Sustainable Development) which also means ”keep on” in Swedish. Håll Ut is based in the academic town of Uppsala, Sweden. Its dedicated team works with sustainable development, innovation- and project management and the aim is to help organizations, companies and municipalities to improve their sustainability profile.
1.CleanTech Challenge Kick off at the Connect Green Day in Uppsala.2.Study case on bicycle parking together with Uppsala munciipality. Place: University of Uppsala
1. Green Hackathon, together with SWECO, 2. CleanTech Challenge winners. Prize ceremony in Sweden.
1. Global Competition University College London, and London Business School. Place: London 2. Open innovation and Sustainable Development conference in Uppsala


We at HållUt strive to have a honest and open interaction with all our partners, members and costumers building the foundation of prosperous and fruitful relationships. Without such trust and honesty, a good cooperation between the members cannot flourish. We strive to differentiate ourselves through our clear, specific and pragmatic approach and communication with all those we cooperate. Specialized knowledge, experience and cooperative partnerships deliver great value. Reliability, objectivity, and good good knowledge are our most valued assets.


We dare to take different viewpoints in order to find new solutions for our partners. This is the defining component of our innovative thinking. Moreover due to our very close connection to Uppsala University and the Center of Sustainable Development (CEMUS) we can enhance new ideas from scratch to breakthrough projects. Open discussions with direct feedback can create an environment that allows new ideas to thrive. High ambitions and empathy stimulate this innovativeness and creativity.

.....Economy & People

As dedicated supporters of sustainability the HållUt team is financially self-sustained. The economical sustainability of the organization is achieved thanks to our partners, costumers and our projects where we provide sustainable solutions. The optimal solution balances between economic and environmental success. Profitability is important to reach our goals and invest in the future. Our profit is mainly distributed among our employees to reward their valuable input. Our team consists of qualified, different and positive characters (with a special significance on the high sense humor) who are dedicated into sustainable matters. Diversity in experience, character and background are considered crucial for creativity and open-mindedness. The enthusiasm and positive attitude are key elements. Everyone is unique and the personal development of our people is vital, therefore equality is a fundamental vision
  • HållUt is providing quality services in innovation and clean technologies. The last three years all the projects we worked together exceeded the expectations. Keep the good work guys!

    Ben Owen, CT Challenge partner